Finding Nemo: the Great Barrier Reef

One of the activities I was most excited about doing whilst in Australia was spending time snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef. So as soon as I left Sydney and headed north to Queensland I made a dash for the ocean!

The marina at Airlie

The marina at Airlie

The experience was great and I got to visit some beautiful spots. There are lots of options for these types of trips. Be careful when choosing your boat or tour operator, there’s a whole bunch of different trips you can take, from booze cruise party boats (like the Atlantic Clipper) to serious diving sailing adventures. I wanted the best of both worlds so asked around and got some recommendations. For my day snorkelling on the reef I went with Quicksilver Cruises out of Port Douglas. The boat, the instructors and the buffet lunch were spot on! I even met a lovely Dutch couple who paid for my underwater photos (a case of poor traveller pity I think).

I chose Wings II for my trip out to the Whitsundays. This was one of the best excursions I went on! The catamaran left from Airlie Beach (a cute little place where I met some cool people and spent quite a lot of time chilling out at the sailing club by the marina). There was only about 20 of us on board (quite small compared to other boats) which was nice because we all got to know each other and have a giggle. The crew were really friendly and gave us loads of information about the sites we stopped at, including Hayman Island, Dumbbell Island and Whitehaven Beach. I saw plenty of parrotfish and swam with two turtles, but unfortunately had no luck finding Nemo. Our days were spent snorkelling, diving and sunbathing, the evenings were spent watching the sunset with a chilled tumbler of goon. It was a pretty rough few days…

Here are a few snaps from my time on the Great Barrier Reef:

Next adventure: 4WD on Fraser Island

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