Video: making a song and dance in Fiji

It’s hard to put in to words just how brilliant my time in Fiji was with Think Pacific on Lomaiviti’s Gau Island. So, rather than blather on, here are a few of the videos we took of our time in this small slice of paradise. Thanks to the guys who had much better cameras than me and managed to capture some of these snippets of life in Levuka-i-Gau.

We spent the whole project working towards building a toilet block for the village. From collecting the coral for the foundations to painting it as many different shades of blue as we could get our hands on, we put a lot of blood sweat and not-so-many tears in to it, fuelled, as always, by the wonderful women of the village who brought us platters of cakes and jugs of Tang throughout the day. The best feeling of job satisfaction ever!

I loved teaching kindergarten, which came as much of a surprise to me as to friends and family back home! The kids were so genuinely keen to learn but had such limited resources, it was humbling to see and makes you think about the education we take for granted at home. Mornings spent singing songs and painting pictures were so much fun, even if it did mean I had ‘the Little Green Frog’ and ‘Down in the Jungle’ stuck in my head 24/7!

If the kids hadn’t ran rings around you all day at school, then an afternoon of sports coaching gave them plenty of opportunity! Cricket, netball and of course, the national obsession, rugby, were just some of the sports we helped teach. We tried to give them a run for their money on sports day, but I don’t think we  scared them with our athletic prowess much…

Outside of these daily activities, we got to go on treks through completely untouched jungle, learn traditional song and dances and even enjoy a few afternoons relaxing with our families on the beach. Oh and of course, plenty of evening kava sessions in the village hall. Impromptu rugby games, spear fishing trips, basket weaving lessons and quiz nights; there was never a dull moment!

Read more about my time in Fiji here.

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