A weekend in San Juan, Puerto Rico

I’m not a huge fan of Facebook’s On This Day  feature (“oh hai awkward ex”). I don’t understand the need to be constantly reminded of the past. I’d much rather focus on where I am and how I feel right now. But, this week Facebook did good. It reminded me that it’s been 2 years since I was last in Puerto Rico.

Where is Puerto Rico?

This was my first question, before my 2 month trip to the Caribbean back in 2014. Is that in America? Technically yes but it’s not a state; Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, a Caribbean island, wedged between the Dominican Republic and the British Virgin Islands.

My time in Puerto Rico was brief; I was only there for the weekend, before boarding a Caribbean cruise that we’d organised for my mum’s 60th birthday (she sure knows how to celebrate in style). This meant that I didn’t get the chance to explore the island’s world-famous rainforest, El Yunque, or its many waterfalls. I headed straight to San Juan old town.


If you’ve only got a few days in Puerto Rico, and you love art deco architecture, fortresses and sweeping clifftop views, then there’s plenty to keep you busy in San Juan  (sorry Yunque!)





I remember thinking that if I lived in America Puerto Rico would definitely be a top choice for city break.






We managed to tear ourselves away for one day…to visit the Barcardi Factory #culturevultures





These are only a few photos I managed to save from a very old iPhone, but hopefully you can see just how easy it is to get lost in the side streets of San Juan for the weekend. And thank you Facebook, of reminding me about it!

Read more about my trips to the Caribbean and the USA.


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