Photo of the week: Market in Hoi An, Vietnam

This week: Morning market in Hoi An market, Vietnam



I love food. Eating it, cooking it, shopping for it. I wish I didn’t because it would make portion control so much easier. So going to fresh food markets in Southeast Asia was one of my favourite things to do and I always headed there first whenever I landed somewhere new. This shot was from the morning market in Hoi An, Vietnam, where we were sent to pick up our ingredients before a day of cooking with the Green Bamboo Cooking School – see what a mess I made in the kitchen here.

The meat was slaughtered that morning and laid out, uncovered, on tarpaulin – some of the group I was with were saying “ew that’s so unhygenic” but it’s not – there were no flies at all because it was so fresh! This woman was selling live crabs. These elderly ladies are as flexible as any yoga instructor, sitting cross-legged on bamboo mats on the floor all day. Tip: food markets are the best place to get the cheapest, freshest street food. Go for the food and you’ll find it impossible not to spend hours people watching and wondering through the heaving stalls of weird and unusual produce.

What is ‘Photo of the week’?

Photos are the best, free souvenirs. Each week I’ll post a photograph from some of the most special places I’ve visited on my travels. Leave a comment or share your favourite place below.

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