A love letter to Europe and why I’ll always feel more European than British

Article 50 has been triggered and we’re about to board the lonely bus to Brexit, but before we do can I take moment to say, Europe, it’s not you, it’s not me, but hey here we are and as Whitney so wisely once said, I’ll always love you…

Here’s my love letter to the Europe, plus 9 reasons why I’ll always feel much more European than I do British.

Dear Europe,

I’m sorry things had to end like this. It wasn’t my decision. I tried really hard to keep us together; I sent you love notes with special ‘x’s on them, I told all my friends about how great we were together, I even posted photos of us together on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram…

Oh we had such fun! I still remember that romantic sunset (or was it sunrise?) we watched together in Magaluf…

I’ve still got those photo-booth selfies we took in Berlin. Do you mind if I keep them on my fridge, you know, to remind me of the good times?

But now we have to say goodbye, to part ways. I hope we can stay friends, can’t we? Maybe? Because, well I still love you.

And here’s why I’ll always love you Europe:

1. Because you have awesome street style

2. Because you make me great coffee

And I hate tea.

3. Because you’re cheap (in a good way)

It costs me next-to nothing and no time at all to pop over and spend time with you.

4. Because I like eating late and drinking until even later

Dinner at 9 and the party don’t start ’til 1am!

5. Because you’re so sunny and warm

Much warmer than any rock in the North Sea and I get to enjoy more than two days of summer with you.

6. Because you’re sweet things are the best

7. And your wine

8. Because you understand the true meaning of Christmas

And celebrate it properly, with snow and mulled wine and real trees and real-deal Christmas markets!

9. Because I have so much still to learn from you

Your history (our shared history), your culture…

I hope you can forgive us for being stupid enough to think we could go it alone. I know you want me out, but it might take me a while to get my shit together, so I’ll be back to collect my things over the next couple of years, k?

All my love always,


PS. In all seriousness, I’m pissed, please don’t let me leave!

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